A collection of different hologram technologies I’ve found.

Fruit Candy

The restaurant you see above can be found in the Kadıköy neighborhood of the Asian side of Istanbul. It is a dessert restaurant which was quite crowded, filled with the normal delectables but also carried fudges, macarons and these fruit-styled treats. The best way to support this website is to share it and this article…

Upcoming Films

A list of upcoming films I’m waiting to see along with trailers.

Outer Space

2010 JO179 – a potential dwarf planet My Article Asgardia – Website My Article 1st Update Satellite Launch Breakthrough Initiatives – a series of programs attempting to find or contact alien species Website My Article Blue Origin – Website My Article Chandrayaan-1 – a failed Indian probe which was rediscovered by NASA My Article Chandrayaan…


A variety of new technologies aimed at changing the way people are transported around the world.