Asian bodies discovered in London

In a Roman cemetery south of London two skeletons that were unearthed and examined were determined to have been of Asian origin. The ancient Roman city of Londinium was an administrative center in England for the Romans but Asians weren’t exactly on the list of visitors. Researchers were mainly looking to see if migrants were buried in this graveyard but the find was highly unusual. There have been almost no discoveries of Asians graves within the long fallen empire. China didn’t have direct relations with the empire but India had some contact however the specific region of their origin has yet to be determined. Furthermore, the analysis revealed they were not born there, meaning they had somehow moved to here from some unknown location. This find will certainly kick off a new wave of examination as the location of their origin will interest researchers and add more excitement to others who would like to look through their sites for Asians as well. But why would Asians visit Rome? Londinium was large but basically a frontier area and wasn’t one of the richer more developed areas.  Were they traders? How about diplomats? Maybe migrants who had drifted throughout the empire? A puzzling question whose answer may prove near impossible but always interesting.

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