Blue Origin: Successful Test!

                         Blue Origin is a company seeking to allow humans to travel to space at a more affordable cost than the current price while also providing space tourism services. However they are certainly not alone and have a list of competitors sure to, skyrocket, in the future. They recently had a test of their New Shepard system, a reusable capsule and rocket. Tests are never-ending ever since all of the early space explorers died from accidents so now every company would prefer to avoid any disaster. The key to minimizing the cost of these rockets also lies in using the components over and over, rather than discarding them after one use as was done in the past.

                         This test focused on an “in-flight escape test”, basically just escaping from the rocket if there was a problem during launch. This was the first real test for a launch and a success, for the entire system no less. After launching at their test range in Texas both slowly parachuted down to the ground, surprising since the thrust from the ejection was, in company founder Jeff Bezos mind, supposed to destroy the thruster. Hopefully we can all enjoy space flights, but that’s tests and tests away still.

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