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Good Advertising to all! Today I’ll be starting my advertising of the week article where I will feature not just my advertisements but also my Patreon credits in the future. Below I’ll give you a concise description of the ads I use, promote the smaller ones and hopefully guide you to a place that has something you need or like! First up I’ll introduce my ad sites.

Amazon – I actually can’t believe anyone wouldn’t have heard of Amazon but for the people who don’t know, Amazon is an online shopping company offering around 500 million products in the USA alone, making them the largest internet retailer in the world.

Audible – Audible is a leader in audiobook sales with nearly 200,000 titles across all topics. Fiction stories? Of course. Works on science and history? Plenty. Sci-fi and fantasy? Why not. Even biographies, kids and health books can easily be found.

DesignByHumans – A seller of unique shirts from tank tops to hoodies as well as art prints, phone cases and mugs they offer over 65,000 designs. They have a unique system where they employ artists to design their own shirts to then sell on the site for a commission. This ensures their designs are community driven, allowing unique trends to develop from the sheer volume of pop culture available. Some of the topics are Pokémon, Dragonball Z, One-Punch Man, One Piece, Attack On Titan and a plethora of classic movie and video game art to match. The other interesting idea they employed was starting drawing contests for specific themes like Diablo, Assassin’s Creed or Star Wars. There are prizes for the winners but the contests can create a plethora of great designs. This isn’t even getting into the other categories of mash ups, surreal, sports, TV shows and just so much more.

Now how exactly do these ads work? Well by using the specialized links I provide you can help to support my website as well as any other activities by buying anything you like. With the explanations out of the way let’s get started with the links:



Sign up for a free audible trial. It lasts a whole month and you can decide how good it is before buying anything!


Star Wars Rogue One apparel at

Don’t worry this ad won’t lead you to a thousand irrelevant sites. If you click on it it will lead you to the deal it mentions. There is another near the bottom. 

Get 5% OFF the Design of the Day

All Notebooks down to ONLY $8

Need a new phone case? Exclusively designed ones here at 10% OFF with code COOLCASE

Any t-shirt order of $100 or more gets $10 OFF+FREE Shipping, use coupon TEELIGHTFUL

Sign up for the newsletter and get 15% OFF your first purchase

Use coupon STYLE10 for 10% OFF ALL apparel

DBH now features mugs

Hey fans of Walking Dead, want some shirts? Check out the deals above to bundle several together.

Save 15% off sitewide with coupon code: POISON.

DesignByHumans HALLOWEEN special! 15% OFF with code POISON

All of these links can also be found on the About page of my site, Tome of Trovius:

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