Home Farming

There is a brand new way to farm and it comes directly from the brilliant minds of the 21st century. FarmBot takes all the effort out of farming because the machine plants and nurtures the seeds into any type of crop all from a computer program. You can use it not only from a computer but also from a tablet or phone. Basically the device works in a grid, which can be as big as you want, with an arm that can move to any spot from above by rolling along tracks to the side of the garden. Other than what we’ve already seen the most unique thing by far is the customization. It would be ridiculous to have previously been able to place tomatoes, broccoli, squash and bok choy right next to one another. It is also unique not only for the individual care of each plant but the ability to program schedules catered to their care. But they say seeing is believing so check below.





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