Egyptian Boats

A boat burial (yes boat) has been discovered in Abydos, Egypt containing the remains of a boat but more importantly an entire wall full of boat drawings, numbering 120 in all. It is close to the cenotaph of Pharaoh Senusret III (1878-1839 BCE), a member of the 12th Dynasty in the Middle Kingdom period. A cenotaph is basically just a memorial grave for a body buried elsewhere but here it just adds further to the trove of artifacts.  As for an archeological site Abydos is a great example of an endless pit to explore. Abydos has been held since before the Pharaohs of Egypt ruled the Nile and was a burial site for some pharaohs and the town and temple there were constantly renovated by the pharaohs from the 1st Dynasty all the way to the last one, the 30th. Pottery jars inside were dated to the 12th century helping to validate when the building was thought to be made. The boat itself was found as just a few planks on the floor, however there is still a fair bit of work to do regarding its analysis

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