There is a company called MegaBots Inc. that is trying to create real life mech battles. For the unaware, mechs are giant robots that use weapons to fight one another in death matches across countless wars from planet to planet in a no-holds bar style of vicious and relentless mechanical mayhem. Or at least that is a possible future. For now we have MegaBots. A developer in robotics they have created the robot Mk.II which is 15 ft. tall, 12,000 lbs. and can throw 3 lb. projectiles at 130 mph. While interesting in its own right it has made headlines for a competition unlike any other.

All of the current interest in MegaBots is that in June 2015 they issued a challenge to the Japanese company, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, to fight with their robot, Kuratas. Kuratas is 4,500 kg, 4 meters high, equipped with a rotary cannon, projectile launcher and a few other weapons. Its maximum speed is 10km/h. It can be controlled remotely or by a pilot inside its body. Its design was inspired from the anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS which frankly was about time for a country that has generated libraries full of mech combat fiction. They currently produce these Kuratas mech models for over a million dollars apiece so if you were thinking you’d like one you’ll need to win a lottery for the sheer cost.

With great suspense the fight was accepted on the condition that MegaBots modify the Mk.II to perform melee combat. A big difference between them is movement. The Mk.II has a continuous track, similar to a tank, and the Kuratas has four legs with wheels at the bottom. Largely the difference would be represented in terrain as the continuous track is more versatile while wheels need a flatter surface. I’ll definitely look forward to the mechanoid brawl. One of MegaBots eventual ambitions is to turn their ideas for robots into a fighting league where mech combat can truly become reality. If you’re still curious go look at some Battletech video games to get an idea of what is being envisioned here.


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