New History: Ancient Cities

New Bronze Age City

Yet again Iraq is revealed to contain new marvels from our distant past. A new Bronze Age city was discovered near Dohuk in the far north of Iraq, dated back to the Bronze Age. Led by the Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies (IANES) from the University of Tübingen, the findings indicate far more than an isolated city. The number of different structures found indicates that for 1,200 years the town thrived. Given what has been found it is likely we’ll see much more in the future.

Significant Bronze Age city discovered in Northern Iraq



New Luxor Sarcophagus

In the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor a new sarcophagus has been found in amazing condition. It really comes as no surprise because this city has so many archaeological remains that it has been characterized as an open air museum. Mausoleums, statues, obelisks, pillars, you name it they got it. The archaeologists working on the study think it can be dated to the Third Intermediate period of Egypt but more testing will be required. This period can best be defined by the protracted political battles over squabbling pharaohs and foreign invaders. Check out the photographs in the link.

Third Intermediate Period tomb found in Luxor



Gallo-Roman Villa

An impressive villa was discovered in a village near the peninsula of Brittany, France. Due to the long Roman presence in France Roman artifacts have been found all over the country. The villas were country houses and quite massive complexes for the rich In Roman society. In addition to a central courtyard the house also has a stable, the remains of landscaping, a luxurious bath complex and a view of a neighboring river. Due to the enormity of the house it is likely to have been the home of a prominent family in the region and the coinage found there will help in dating the complex to a specific point during the time of the Romans.

Large Gallo-Roman villa found In Brittany


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