Days in History Dec 12

19510605 - pile of old books with candle and scroll in dark

belchonock / 123RF Stock Photo

627: The final battle of the Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602–628, called the Battle of Nineveh, ended with Byzantine victory leading to the end of the conflict. The Byzantines managed to regain territory lost at the beginning of the war. Unfortunately the population and resources lost left both empires crippled and thus vulnerable to the Arab invasion a few years later which would destroy the Sassanid Empire.

884: Carloman II, King of West Francia, dies while hunting and is succeeded by his cousin Charles the Fat. He would go on to reunite the old empire established by Charlemagne briefly before it split for good.

1098: During the First Crusade, crusaders break the Siege of Ma’arra, killing 20,000 people inside. However the most noteworthy thing is that they ran short of food and were forced to resort to cannibalism, showing two different forms of extreme violence that became common to the crusade.

1911: Calcutta, the capital of India, is replaced by Delhi.

1963: Kenya is granted independence from the UK

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