There’s a new type of pot available for your plants. The Biovessel design is different from current designs not in an artistic or advanced way but differs in a scientific way. Essentially there are three holes in the pot, one for your plant, one for your water and one for your food. As in table scraps. The soil in the pot has earthworms present which will slowly breakdown these scraps and simultaneously enrich your soil. Since they constantly travel throughout the soil they are slowly mixing the nutrients from top to bottom ensuring the quality of the soil for the plant and themselves. This provides an eco-friendly way to discard your spare food without throwing it away to sit in a landfill.  As they advertise, it’s basically creating an artificial ecosystem and using nature to both grow household plants while using your waste food in a way that benefits everyone. The current design is raising money through a Kickstarter but at almost $150 for just ONE pot system it’s not exactly as cheap as your average terracotta pot. Keep checking to see when it gets cheaper but environmentally products are certainly emerging all over the consumer markets now and it’s encouraging to see how our society can move in this direction so quickly.

Kickstarter Page

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