The Kitchen of the Future

Credit: Moley Robotics

Moley Robotics is a London-based company that has invented a robotic kitchen. The basic idea is that all you will need to do is program a recipe, which is as easy as pressing a button, and two robotic hands will cook your meal for you. It even cleans up after itself. By recording the motions of top chefs the engineers were able to use them as a template to recreate the motions in the robots themselves. The idea behind the kitchen was to improve the general nutrition of people by using recipes designed by top chefs and nutritionists. This list will kick off with a few thousand recipes. The head of the company has claimed that the cost will be similar to a regular kitchen and available in 2017 to paying customers.

Moley Robotics

TV Commercial

Credit: Moley Robotics


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. TRACY says:

    Hi, will this technology be available to Worldwide?


    1. troviusmos says:

      Hey Tracy, thank you for your question. I checked out their schedule on their website and my best answer is probably. What they said specifically is that their consumer model should be available in 2017; they projected further tech development and market preparation by Q4 2017 and have shown this off at numerous tech fairs. This last piece let them show it off to investors and they have attracted housing developers and stock investments. Additionally they are London based and they are developing the kitchen with the idea it will replace modern kitchens. Several of the companies involved in the development of the robotic components do have international shipping. Taking all of this into account I see them poised to distribute it internationally however without direct confirmation I can’t say for certain. They may trial run it in England first then seek to branch out but we’ll see. If you’re curious about the price I’ve seen anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000 with claims that they’d love to reduce the price eventually.


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