Airbus has announced a new concept behind airplanes. Most of us by now are familiar with coach in any random plane. Close seats, little leg room or overhead, small bathrooms and smaller isles. With the new Transpose design, we may be seeing a change to the entire format. Proposed by their research division A3, this new vision sees an airplane as a modular design and not a rigid one. It basically designs a plane as a series of compartments that can be changed out like Lego blocks, allowing for a large amount of customization. Have your standard seating, then a bar, then a gym and lastly sleeping bunks. Then on the next flight, say a 1 hour one, you could swap out the last two for another bar and more seating. The choices really are only limited to how many different types can be imagined. The article below mentions that it has an additional perk. The times between landing and takeoff could be cut down considerably by preparing the new modules ahead of time. Cabins need to be cleaned and prepared thoroughly between flights but if you could do this elsewhere it takes away an extra step and you could save a large amount of time. The real question though is how soon and how much? Would they only be available to first class customers? More questions for Airbus’s future.


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