Plastic Homes

Concept Plastics (Conceptos Plásticos) is a Colombian company creating homes from trash. The sheer waste of plastic around the Earth is tremendous when you think of how it could easily be recycled for a different purpose. To put this into perspective, people have built houses from used beer cans. How many cans could you collect if an entire community contributed? This is the mentality you need to have when you intend to recycle and it is thriving in this company. Colombia is of course no exception with hundreds of tons of plastic waste filling landfills, serving no purpose. Fortunately, they can now be used, and quite wonderfully.

The founder of Concept Plastics, Oscar Andrés Méndez, has invented a process where recyclable material can be converted into strong, plastic-derived beams. These beams are constructed to connect just like Legos, making construction an easy task. The materials used include anything from plastic containers and recyclable bags to old electronic equipment and tires. The best part is that these plastic beams are being used as low-cost housing and being given to thousands of homeless people, in an effort to help those less fortunate. The ideas from here are limitless, especially when you consider the current trends of sustainability and environmental protection. Happy building Mr. Méndez.

Concept Plastics

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