New Super Strong Material

A new “Super material”, which by the way has been given no name, has been invented that is as light as thin plastic but 10 times stronger than steel and resembles a..child’s toy? Seriously look at this odd sea creature-like thing. The specific word for what you’re looking at below is gyroid, an infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surface. I wish I understood material sciences better but basically it is constructed from graphene merged into a cobweb network that gives it its unique strength. The structure is nearly hollow, hard to make (this needs adjusting for large-scale manufacturing) and its strength relies on its huge surface-area-to-volume ratio. When subjected to intense pressure under a hydraulic press It will crumble slowly while inferior models shattered instantly. A very useful attribute for construction as it’s better to know something is crumbling than to see it fall suddenly. Congratulations to MIT for another innovation.

Super Material

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