Flaming Hair

Try answering this query honestly. Would you let a barber cut your hair if they asked, “Can I set it on fire?” I know it sounds like a joke but just look up. A man in Pakistan is doing just that. Shafqat Rajput is that barber, hailing from Bahawalpur, a large city located in the center of the country. According to Shafqat, the technique, called fire cutting, is a way of relaxing hair and gives it a straight polished look. He literally pours an accelerant on his client’s hair and then proceeds to comb the flame away. Critics range from those citing this as harmful to the hair, risky to perform and downright condemning the technique as deadly. Regardless of these positions the videos have launched him into the clouds as a celebrity in Pakistan so if you are ever near his salon and find yourself getting a haircut; I’m not saying get a fire cut, but you can ask. He looks willing to provide.

Hot Hairdo Pakistani Hairstylist 


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