Grow Your Furniture!

If you want a more natural approach to furniture look no further than Full Grown. A U.K. company, they have reimagined how we use wood and instead of chopping trees down to make them into something, they’ve decided to grow furniture instead. Their method involves grafting shoots together from willows around a frame. After they are full grown the frame is removed and the wood is sanded and polished to add the finishing touch. The examples they have made are chairs and lamps (hanging and standing). To this company furniture is a garden matter where you can basically grow what would take a large amount of wood and labor to produce. Your furniture is even bio-degradable too. I’d appreciate if they would share their methodology step by step so that we could have a booming community of people involved in an environmentally friendly future. They seek to expand further into tables, sculptures, art projects and any other options available to them in the furniture industry.


Full Grown


Full Grown article

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