Preservation of History: Palmyrene Restoration

Two funerary busts from Palmyra have been restored in Italy thanks to innovative 3-D imagining to recreate what they once look liked. They will be returned to Syria by March 2017. 

Restored Busts


One piece of an ancient Greek sarcophagus has been recovered after it was stolen in Greece in 1988. It was seized from a gallery in central Manhattan, New York City.

Piece Recovered



Albanian police seized hundreds of artifacts from two houses including pots and vases. They were being smuggled out of the Apollonia archaeological park and several officials, along with the director, are being investigated for not stopping it and possibly aiding it. 

Seized Artifacts



Turkey has been renovating Ottoman era sites throughout the Balkans as a campaign of restoring their cultural heritage. 47 buildings (from mosques to lodges) have been restored, 14 are being restored and 34 are scheduled for future.

Restored Sites

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