Jews Built & Funded The Roman Colosseum

Credit: Educari Unlimited (it is from the History Channel)

Watch from 0:48-1:30 for the specific part.

The Roman Colosseum, one of the marvels of the ancient world, was built using money from the province of Judea. This was not a charitable gift though. The First Jewish Revolt broke out after rising tensions between the Jews and Romans and at first the Jews, though more a loose alliance of rebels than one force, pushed out the Romans. The Romans returned later and proceeded to crush all of the rebels and restore the governance of the province. After the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was sacked during the war the spoils were spent on the Colosseum along with up to 100,000 prisoners of war dedicated to constructing the behemoth. Therefore, indirectly and against their will, Jews both funded and constructed one of the most enduring symbols of the empire of Rome.

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