New Science: Mars, Europa, Cells

46112002 - galaxy stars. abstract space background.

robertsrob / 123RF Stock Photo

I got a bit behind on my research news so there will be some older stuff mixed in with these newer articles but they should be lesser none ergo news to you guys.

The European Space Agency has compiled a set of images from the northern pole of Mars to generate its overall picture.

Martian Northern Pole

A team of scientists was convened to plan a possible future mission to the Jovian moon Europa. Here are the results.

Europa Mission

54215332 - real fluorescence microscopic view of human skin cells

vshivkova / 123RF Stock Photo

A new investigative approach to measuring the contents of cells has been developed without the need of destroying the cells. Called nanostraws, they enable the interior of the cell to be sampled without destroying the cell, as would normally occur.


New study reveals that start codons may be more numerous than previously thought. During experiments where the start codons were removed researchers found that some genes would still express themselves. Since there a limited number of start codons known to biology this could open up new doors of research.

New Codons

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