New History: Sudan, Greece, Amazon

I got a bit behind on my research news so there will be some older stuff mixed in with these newer articles but they should be lesser know ergo news to you guys.


3 temples have been discovered near Kerma, Sudan dating to 2,000 – 1,500 BCE. Kerma was the capital of an ancient Nile River civilization and this discovery will hopefully unveil more secrets about their past which is not well understood. The best part was that the buildings were constructed differently from every other building in the surrounding area, raising some interesting questions.




A Roman theater for the ancient city of Antiochia-Hippos (modern Israel) was recently discovered.

New theater



Fragment of a 2,100 year old stone bowl found bearing the name Hyrcanus in Hebrew at the archaeological site of the City of David.




Vlochós settlement

An international research team has discovered a new city near the Greek village of Vlochós. The artifacts found so far have been found around a nearby hill and they are quite promising.  Pieces of towers, walls, city gates and some ancient pottery and coins can be found in this area but it seems to cease around the ground, suggesting they lived primarily on the hill. In addition a town square and city grid was discovered which indicates that this wasn’t some small town but a fairly large one. The oldest of these dated to 500 BCE but the city appears to have become stronger a century or two later. The most interesting aspect of this brand new city is that it was found in the center of Thessaly, an area during the period of great Greek cities that was considered to be unimportant. If it was truly a large city then it is possible it may have been more important than had been previously known and it could open up a new chapter in undiscovered Greek history. 

Vlochós settlement



New Chinese tombs

25 tombs were discovered in Guangzhou, Guangdong province China. Their ages vary from the Shang dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, a period spanning 3,000 years. Most of the tombs contained numerous rooms as well as relics including tomahawks, a ring, a kettle, two copper bowels, dishes and cups. The sheer size of the find is impressive as well as the fact is one of the largest in the area. Equally impressive is the years it spans which suggest how important being buried there was. 

Chinese tombs



In the Amazon researchers have found hundreds of earthworks strew across the land, suggesting that either ritual sites or cities may have once dotted the land, hidden from history. 

Amazonian ancient culture



A jade pendant belonging to the Maya civilization was discovered in 2015 but only recently is the meaning behind its inscription being understood. What has been translated seems to indicate that the nearby city-states had some connection between themselves through the king of the city. For more information though we’ll probably be kept waiting.


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