Mechanical Menagerie #2: A Different Future for Homes


The company Apis Cor has demonstrated that they can 3-D print an entire house quickly and at a cheap (relatively) cost. They also claim to have created a mobile method of doing this, effectively letting them create houses on the go.

Apis Cor

The ShelterPack is an idea for disasters where people suddenly find themselves homeless or at least in need of emergency shelter. It looks close to a shipping container but the inside is modified to include 4 beds, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining space with furniture. The whole compartment can be set up within hours and can even be shipped in bulk by semi-trailers. In addition the design was awarded an A’Design Social Design Award. If this design could be implemented to handle the refugee crisis from countries experiencing wars as well, it could considerably improve the lives of civilians. In most cases you will become desperate for work or homeless and even if you get to stay in a refugee camp your standard of living is very low. Crime and disease run rampant while people spend years in abject poverty. But at the very least a shelter like this would help their lives in the meantime.


Home Kitchen

These are a few articles on new designs for your own kitchen. The Sliding Fridge is a refrigerator that essentially has a revolving door and was designed to help disabled people. The dishwasher is actually quite low tech, it’s just redesigned. Instead of loading your dishes from the front the interior is pulled upwards (similar to washing machines) and loaded from the top. The stated benefits were that it is less expensive to seal the top as opposed to the front and it reduces the necessary space you’ll need for it. As long as you had the room you could even put it in the corner. The Groundfridge is another interesting idea but not exactly practical. The basic premise is that you’ll have a refrigerator in the ground which can cool itself without electricity but will unfortunately cost thousands. Its main purpose was to be used for storing fruits, vegetables, cheese and wines. I doubt it will catch on but it is definitely a good design.  

Sliding Fridge




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