New Space: Zero2infinity, NASA, Enceladus

Zero2infinity is a Spanish company that launches high-altitude balloons and then launches a rocket while in orbit. At least this is their plan. The test model didn’t get into orbit but did achieve a high altitude. The company is hoping to use this method of delivery to launch microsatellites and small payloads at a low cost.


NASA found a lost spacecraft orbiting the Moon. The Chandarayaan-1 satellite, launched by India to study the Moon, had been lost since 2009 but has finally been rediscovered. NASA is hoping to further develop the technique so that they can detect orbital lunar objects with ease in the future and determine locations around the Moon with ease.   



NASA plans to create the coldest science experiment yet with their Cold Atom Laboratory. They will attempt to a billionth of a degree above absolute zero. This is typically done in numerous physics experiments in order to observe atoms in a useful way. It will be assembled on the International Space Station.

Cold Atom Laboratory


New research on Enceladus (an ice moon of Saturn) has unveiled that a possible subsurface ocean (everyone’s hoping!) could exist only a few kilometers below the surface. The measurements from the pole indicate an increase in temperature which was explained by an active ocean beneath while also ruling out.



A new view of the large Herschel Crater on Mimas.


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