New History: Ancient Port of Salamis

40455446 - famous parthenon temple on the acropolis in athens greece

samot / 123RF Stock Photo


Researchers discovered the naval port where Greek forces gathered prior to the Battle of Salamis. This decisive engagement ultimately pushed the Persian forces back into Persia and began a process of continual defeats for decades. The port was also one of the largest in the Greek world.


A large number of ingots along with a Massaliote (from Marseille, a French coastal city which started as a Greek city) flask and Corinthian helmets were discovered off the coast of Sicily. It wasn’t much of a shock though; there had been a similar find a few years ago and this was a return trip.

Sunken Discovery

A 2,000 year old Roman road was discovered in Israel near Bet Shemesh, a city 21 km southwest of Jerusalem. A number of coins from different dates were also discovered in the road. The Israeli Antiquities Authority has decided to excavate the remainder and open it to hikers.

Israeli Roman road

A British bricklayer got lucky when he found a large Roman ingot bearing the name of a Roman Emperor and intends to sell it for tens of thousands of pounds.

British Roman discovery 




New History: Ancient Port of Salamis

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