Flippy: The Burger Flipping Machine

Here we go folks. I’ve been showing you inventions for a while now but this specific machine will change how the food industry will function forever. No exaggeration either. If you are working in a kitchen frying meat, read closely. Miso Robotics is a company developing a self-flipping burger machine called Flippy (the creativity is just dripping off the pages!). It uses cameras and sensors to create a loose grid-like picture of the stovetop which it will use to determine when the different meats (mainly burgers) are ready to be flipped and how long they should cook for. It can even detect when your hand is in its way and will move for you. Now the important part. Actual chefs; still required. The machine can flip the meat but that’s all it can do. Chefs still put the meat down and take it away to assemble the burger. However it will likely start taking away at least some jobs since you can focus on other aspects of cooking and any extra time means there is less of a need for more help. The restaurant CaliBurger already has plans to begin using Flippy in its restaurants and if they are found to be successful (especially when it comes to order times) they could begin spreading in the same way automated kiosks are replacing ordering from a cashier.

Miso Robotics




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Flippy: The Burger Flipping Machine


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