New History: Ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphic carvings in ancient egyptian temple

mik122 / 123RF Stock Photo

Statue of Queen Tiye of Egypt found near Luxor, Egypt. She is the grandmother of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun. She was also important in her own right as an advisor to her family on important matters. She was married to Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Queen Tiye

Ancient mummy shroud rediscovered in National Museums Scotland collection, in storage since World War II. The thing took 24 hours to unfold! The researchers were fortunate enough to find a hieroglyphic on the shroud that identified its owner as the son of a high-ranking Roman official in Egypt.

Egyptian Shroud

New Pyramid Discovered in Dahshour near Cairo. It was dated to the 13th Dynasty during the Middle Kingdom Period of Egypt. Egypt, throughout its history, had gone through several phases of stable governance and chaos. The beginning was the Old Kingdom, followed by instability, and then the Middle Kingdom which was ended by a weak 13th Dynasty that led to Egypt being divided again.

Dahshour Pyramid

The Ramsses the Great statue discovered a few weeks ago in Cairo has now been identified as Psammetich I or Psamtik I. A pharaoh, creator of the 26th Dynasty, usurper of the Assyrian Empire and leader of the reunification of Egypt after driving the Kushites back south, Psamtik I was an important figure in Egyptian history, freeing them from foreign forces and leading them into a brief period of independence before the Persians would subject the nation.

Psamtik I





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Ancient Egypt

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