Mechanical Menagerie #3: Dragonwrist


If you’d like a personal flamethrower this is for you. Called the Pyro Mini it looks like a small black box you wear on your wrist. It is capable of short blasts and is rechargeable like any household electronic device. The one catch though is that this isn’t something anyone can buy. At over $100 it’s not exactly cheap and you have to be 18 to buy it.


Company: Ellusionist

Aim Fire Extinguisher

Let’s say you cause a fire while shooting fireballs; happens all the time right? Well here’s a new way to extinguish fires. The Aim Fire Extinguisher is a simple but smart redesign of current fire extinguishers. Instead of using the extinguisher close to the fire the Aim Fire Extinguisher’s nozzle can extinguish fires from a distance because it extends, unlike traditional fire extinguishers. Due to its extension it can also reach in between crevices to spray fires in harder to reach spaces.


Designers: Lin Zhang, Furong Zhang, Jingchen Zhang, Ziao Lin & Kun Xu

Fireman’s Prayer

Here is a redesign for the firehose that lets just one firefighter control the hose, freeing up his teamates to perform other important tasks.


Designer: Taekwon Yeon

The Rook

If you are interested in additional fire protection you can check out the Rook as well.


Designer: Martyn Billings


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