Historic Findings – Delos, Alexandria, Mycenaean Tomb

51694532 - libya,archaeological site of cyrene,the demetre temple

giuseppemasci / 123RF Stock Photo

Libya, archaeological site of Cyrene, Demetre temple


The ancient harbor of Delos has been reviewed and several shipwrecks and amphorae have been discovered.

Delos Harbor

A Mycenaean tomb was discovered in the city of Salamina on an island of the coast of Pireas, the port city of Athens.

Mycenaean Tomb

A stolen female figurine from the Protocycladic period (2800-2300 BC) was recovered from a man in Greece who’d been trying to sell it for about 1,000,000 euros.

Recovered Artifact

A new Hellenistic tomb was discovered in Alexandria along with 300 artifacts.

Alexandrian Tomb






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