Historic Findings – Nigeria, UAE, Egypt

42199215 - buddha statue at wat mahathat in sukhothai historical park,thailand

anekoho / 123RF Stock Photo

Buddha Statue at Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai Historical Park,Thailand


Focusing on the Danube basin in modern day Romania, researchers are suggesting that the hunter-gatherers and farmers that lived in the area actually lived side by side without an exact switch from one to the other.

Hunters & Farmers


An excavation of Bamburgh Castle in northern England has unearthed a bird mount dubbed the Bamburgh Bird dating to around the 8th century.

Bamburgh Bird

11359842 - edfu temple

ferwulf / 123RF Stock Photo

Edfu temple



Several late period tombs were discovered in the ancient city of Aswan, Egypt.

Aswan tombs


A large necropolis was discovered in al-Minya with approximately 30 mummies.

al-Minya necropolis


Near the city of Luxor a unique funerary garden.

Luxor garden

38052518 - statue of tlaloc the aztec rain god

joepvdw / 123RF Stock Photo

Statue of Tlaloc the Aztec Rain God


On the island of Sir Bani Yas, off the coast of Abu Dhabi, UAE, archaeologists have discovered remnants of a building, several jars and a preserved stamp seal from around 4,000 years ago. It will provide additional evidence for the Bronze Age trading posts in the Arabian Peninsula.

Trading post

An Aztec ball court from the 15th century was discovered in Mexico City behind the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Aztec ball court


Near the ancient, southwest Nigerian city of Ife-Ife thousands of glass beads that were discovered years ago are thought to be locally made. Originally they were thought to be from either the Middle East or Europe but researchers suspected that some had to be made locally. After an excavation they discovered, “…a trove of about 13,000 beads, 812 crucible fragments, 403 fragments of ceramic cylinders, 14,000 potsherds and about 3 kilograms of glass waste.” Based upon the staggering amount of artifacts they concluded that there was a local market of glass-makers.

Ife-Ife glass


At the Tel Aviv University researchers used multispectral imaging to reveal script that had been impossible to see on a pottery shard. The text that had been interpreted dealt with money transfers. Called Arad 16, it was found in the ancient Israeli fortress of Arad, dated to around 600 BC, right before Judah was destroyed and the Israeli state completely destroyed. The new text revealed supply and silver transfers between their quartermaster and his peer at Beer Sheba.

Arad fragment


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