Helping The World #1: Charity For All

Prisoners Raising Dogs

Ever heard of prisoners raising dogs? It has been gaining traction within the last few years in a variety of places across the United States. Pounds will give dogs to prisons so that prisoners can train them to make them more suitable for adoption, reducing the number of dogs at their facilities as well as reducing the euthanasia rate. They are given to prisoners that are considered low risk and it is a way for prisoners to reform themselves as well as give something back to society.


Southeastern Correctional Institute is one area testing this.

Credit: CNN

Canine CellMates in Atlanta is another program.

Check your local area for a similar program if you’d like to adopt a dog.

Veteran Village

The Veterans Community Project is a project, based in Kansas City, with the idea of building small homes for homeless veterans to live in free of charge. Through donations the Veterans Community Project has built a small community of 50 houses called Veterans Village. This comes on the heels of research in the past few years showing that simply giving homeless people houses decreases homelessness. It’s also cost-effective because if they’re off the streets the need for emergency workers to respond to ODs, injuries and disturbances decrease, reducing strain on them significantly. I personally say thank you for their effort in caring for people who dedicated part of their lives and gave them to us so that we wouldn’t have to.

Kansas Veteran Village

Colombian Library 

Credit: AFP

Jose Alberto Gutierrez may be just a garbage collector but he’s making a difference in his community. He runs a library for free in Bogotá, Colombia with over 25,000 books. You can even take them for free. His intention is to spread them as education for mainly children, as he came from a poorer background and wants to give children in similar situations a heads start.

One Dollar Glasses 

Credit: One Dollar Glasses

If you have ever bought glasses before; designer, cheapos or prescription, you know how expensive they can be. Even the cheaper end runs about $30-60. This may be fine for you or me since it won’t break the bank but if you’re poor or destitute they can be very difficult to find. It’s not an option either. Without proper eyesight your quality of life and opportunities will significantly decrease. One Dollar Glasses is changing this by producing and selling affordable glasses to people in poor areas around the world for just a dollar. 

One Dollar Glasses

Clean The World

Credit: Clean The World

Another problem in the world face is cleanliness. Access to hygiene products is difficult in these areas as well but have no fear another rescuer has emerged. Clean The World is stepping in by collecting small samples of soap from across the world. We are actually wasting millions of bars of soap annually by simply throwing it away and not recycling it. Hotels alone count for 2 million. The solution that Clean The World has created is to take all of this soap that hotels throw away and instead of trashing it, recycle it through a simple process and distribute it to in  need people across the world. More than 40 million bars of soap have been distributed across 115 countries to date.

Clean The World



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