Real Life Robots #1: More Than Meets The Eye – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Issue

Own a Transformer


Would you like to own your very own Transformer? Well you probably won’t. But they do exist. Using a BMW 3-series car it can transform into a full-sized robot in 30 seconds. It took 12 engineers and 4 techs 11 months to develop and can move its arms, fingers and head. Unfortunately, you can’t drive it except for low speed remote control on a track. It will be the first in a series of 12 with others in R&D. The first one is named Antimon and was sold by Letrons, a Turkish based company for around $600,000. They’ve even had interest from theme parks and shows to rent them out for entertainment, not dissimilar from another robot you’ll see a little later. Finally, FINALLY, we can have our very own Transformers, or at least take a cool picture with them.

Transformer Auction



Credit: CNNMoney

Have you been craving the near future fantasy of robots replacing soldiers on the battlefield and battling with heavy weaponry? Well thank the Russians because they’re apparently making this dream into a reality. A Russian sponsored robot is shown in the video shooting two guns. The Russians argue it will increase it’s, “motor skills and decision-making”. I argue they’re creating a robot army. Nevertheless it will be heading to space in 4 years. 

Monkey King

I had earlier written about the Kuratas MegaBots Mk.III (demo below) fight but now it appears they are no longer alone. The company Great Metal, based out of China, has challenged MegaBots now with their giant robot, Monkey King. Monkey King looks distinct from both the Mk.III and Kuratas because:

  1. It has a head
  2. Physical hands to grab with which comes in handy because it has a giant metal staff
  3. It is quadrapedal like Kuratas but will be able to stand on two legs

China Throws Down Gauntlet

Monkey King

Credit: MegaBots Inc

Monkey King Dos

Credit: Tech Insider

Mk.III Maker Faire Show

Credit: MegaBots

Battle Bots

Credit: GJS Robots

For a mini version of what you just saw above, just get yourself a smaller version. GJS Robots has developed a small robot capable of fighting each other, just like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. You assemble the little guys, plug it into your phone and then press commands on the phone to command your personal robot to fight someone else. The phone even has a life bar and as hit sensors on your robot are hit it also decreases.


You can buy it here but it’s going to cost a couple hundred bucks!


Credit: Titan the Robot

The Titan robot is a large futuristic looking robot developed for parties. Apparently the market lacked them. What they mainly do is pose, dance and have fun with the people around them. If you go to their website you’ll be able to see their tour dates and contact forms for appearances. Cyberstein Robots Limited is the company behind the robot.


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