Historic Findings: Carthaginian Silver Floods Rome

53370801 - roman theatre in dougga - the former capital of numidia. tunisia

Roman Theatre in Dougga – the former capital of Numidia, Tunisia

sergxfq / 123RF Stock Photo

By analyzing silver coins from the Roman Republic period scientists were able to determine how the defeat of Hannibal led to the influx of Iberian silver into the republic. The coins examined from the period showed that they were mainly Greek and Sicilian but after 209 the coins start to show that they were from the Iberian silver mines. This leaves a tangible record of the Romans, demonstrating the shift in wealth. Professors Fleur Kemmers and Dr Katrin Westner from the Institute for Archaeological Sciences in the Goethe University, along with scientists based in Germany and Denmark, led the study which was funded by the Volkswagen-Stiftung.

Iberian Silver

In the southern, Mediterranean province of Turkey, Antalya, archaeologists have discovered a Roman theater underneath the Antalya Technical School for Girls. The discovery, being investigated by the Antalya Museum, may unfortunately require the demolition of the school.

Roman Theater 

A 55 km piece of an ancient Roman road was discovered in Aigai, an ancient Greek city. Located in the Manisa province of western Turkey, the road was believed to link the area with modern Izmir (Ephesus). Assistant Professor Yusuf Sezgin, member of the Celal Bayar University Archaeology Department and head of the excavation team, said that the road is as strong as when it was built and will hopefully be open to the public soon.



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