Sustainability Compilation #2: Innovative Plants


Would you like to plant a forest anywhere in the world? There is now an app for that! The site Reforestum provides a method for you to pay for creating a forest anywhere in the world which you can then monitor and track. If you’d like to spread environmentalism across the globe with trees and oxygen check it out. They also had a Kickstarter campaign where they managed to successfully raise about €41,000. From their main site I checked the amount of a forest you could buy and for most people you’ll probably need to do this piecemeal. At about €100 you’ll get approx. 33 m( or roughly a room in your house but not very big. If you think of it this way there is no way you’ll be able to plant very many trees unless they’re small. However when someone can work out a more local idea for cheap I can see it spreading quickly. I’d like to name my own trees!



Instant Furniture

If you want a more natural approach to furniture look no further than Full Grown. A U.K. company, they have reimagined how we use wood and instead of chopping trees down to make them into something, they’ve decided to grow furniture instead. Their method involves grafting shoots together from willows around a frame. After they are full grown the frame is removed and the wood is sanded and polished to add the finishing touch. The examples they have made are chairs and lamps (hanging and standing). To this company furniture is a garden matter where you can basically grow what would take a large amount of wood and labor to produce. Your furniture is even bio-degradable too. I’d appreciate if they would share their methodology step by step so that we could have a booming community of people involved in an environmentally friendly future. They seek to expand further into tables, sculptures, art projects and any other options available to them in the furniture industry.

Instant Furniture

Full Grown

Nanjing Towers

China will be getting a new forest, all in skyscrapers. Nanjing, a very large and old city in the heartland of central China, will be receiving a building complex of two buildings home to over 3,000 plants generating over 132 pounds of oxygen every day. Called the Nanjing Towers (to be completed in 2018) it was designed by Stefano Boeri who has had his design realized in Milan already. The taller building will have offices, a club, a museum and a green architecture school (why not?) and the smaller one will have a pool and be a hotel. The plants are divided into 1,000 trees and 2,500 shrubs representing 23 different native species. I for one am overjoyed at this idea from two perspectives. China has a major pollution problem which needs to be reversed soon lest it begin to become a generational environmental health concern. My other dream is to have parks set up in this way since they’ll take up less ground space but also become integrated with everyday businesses and city residents. I look forward to their worldwide expansion. 

Nanjing Towers



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