Mechanical Menagerie #1: Exoskeletons

Bionic Boot

Credit: Keahi Seymour

The Bionic Boots are an invention by Keahi Seymour that you wear just as any boot but which allow the user to run at speeds of up to 25 mph. I could easily see them as an innovation in future exoskeletons but they could also be used for sport or transportation between short distances. That’s not even mentioning the recreational purposes of using them to feel the thrill of running faster than a person.

Boots Let You Run 25 MPH!

Bionic Boot

Russian Combat Suit

Credit: RT           

The Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building is the scientific development center Russia utilizes to create innovative technologies, similarly to how DARPA functions within the United States. They have unveiled a new battle suit they were designing which they claim is capable of functioning similarly to how fictional exoskeletons work. You can understand the functions based on video games but its essential functions are to carry extra weight, provide stronger armor and provide a HUD or heads up display. Overall it would make a soldier quite strong but details are sketchy so as of now let’s assume it’s mainly for show. The United States’ TALOS program is very similar but there have been complaints of the cost, no doubt an issue the Russians face as well. The deployment of such a technology would change how warfare functions, giving its occupant more weapons and a higher probability of surviving operations. What this will look like will have to wait for another day. 

Russian Combat Suit


Credit: ExoAtlet

ExoAtlet is a support device similar to polio braces we used for people who had leg paralysis. They utilize a motorized frame that moves artificial legs for the user, allowing them to walk normally. The frame consists of several braces strapped to your legs and a back support module that is hidden in a backpack. The leg braces are also covered. You control the legs from buttons installed into the hand braces which you need to use for stabilizing yourself. They specifically stated that it was envisioned for people with muscular disorders but any leg disability or injury could also be adapted for the system.


Designer: Art Lebedev

Power Jacket

The Power Jacket Mk. 3 is an older power suit design to enhance our abilities as humans. It is already capable of running and lifting a bit. It is also much skinnier than other exoskeleton models which reduced the overall weight it had to carry. Sagawa Electronics is developing the technology.

Power Jacket


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