Roman House Reconstructed

An excellent reconstruction of a Roman home (as close to our research has made possible). A big thank you to Sukanya Ramanujan for her amazing work bring this to everyone’s attention

Sukanya Ramanujan

If you’ve ever been to Pompeii or Herculaneum or any of the other ancient Roman sites you would have come across ruins of individual houses. Some are big like the house of Faun in Pompeii, some are extremely small. Some are well preserved and some are not. But in most cases it is often difficult to imagine what that house would have looked like when it was actually being used every day.

I for one find it very hard to conjure up visual images in my head from a description in a book and so I have always struggled to imagine what a Roman house would have actually looked like in the day. The museum of Aquincum in Budapest came to my rescue with a small model Roman house furnished with articles and adorned with decorations based on actual finds in the nearby area. I found it very cool…

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