Mechanical Menagerie #4: The Future of Transportation #1

Kitty Hawk

Credit: Kitty Hawk

I’ve written an article before about new methods of transportation that deal with smaller aircraft but vehicles you wouldn’t really think of as aircraft. The Kitty Hawk Flyer is another personal aircraft, a sort of personal hovercraft more than anything else. The machine itself has an odd appearance containing a seat, a mesh and metal web around you, an electrically-powered rotor and two large pontoons to buoy the craft while in the water. They advertise their crafts as fun and available to anyone, no pilot’s license required. This last bit is important. Zapata Racing demonstrated a hovercraft, albeit much smaller, which was piloted over water and Kitty Hawk is the same. It can only fly over water at this point but eventually could be modified for land travel. However I suspect this may require a form of license so it may be holding them back a bit in their bid to advertise this vehicle as recreational. However this trend of personal air travel, albeit limited, will be an interesting activity for vacationers in the future. 

Kitty Hawk

Tesla Has A Boat              

Tesla, deciding that every technological innovation in the world is insufficient, is now making a boat. Called the E-Vision Granturismo Boat they use the company’s lithium ion batteries and have two powertrains (they generate power in the vehicle) along with solar panels. I don’t know how many people will buy a boat that is obviously going to be expensive but let’s hope it’s self-driving.

Tesla Boat

Designer: BelKharmoudi Aziz

Cobalt Aircraft  

The Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie from Cobalt Aircraft is a new redesign for private aircrafts. They made the plane smaller while at the same time improving its speed. According to the company it will be one of the fastest and safest private planes available.


Audi Truck Designs

Here are two alternate sets of designs for futuristic self-driving electric semi-trailer trucks designed for Audi:

Concept 1

Concept 2

Personally I find the choice of using a type of jet fighter cockpit layout for the seating odd.

Designers: Artem Smirnov & Vladimir Panchenko


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