Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #1: New Technology

Voodoo Manufacturing

Voodoo Manufacturing is an automated 3-D printing factory. Few humans needed. Imagine shelves and shelves filled with 3-D printing machines. Their website presents the process in the following order:

  1. Submit a design or have one made for you
  2. 1-10,000 parts will be manufactured within 24 hours

Let’s all wait for the inevitable armies of warrior robots. You know it’s coming. Jokes aside this could represent quite an innovation in 3-D printing tech. We’ve all heard the hours it had previously taken to make really anything and now it’s being scaled to the industrial level. Who will follow in their steps?

Here’s another one!                 

Voodoo Manufacturing


xPlotter, a self-drawing, laser-engraving machine which you can upload designs too.

UCLA Sandbox & Plastic Roads

UCLA has a sandbox you can use to visualize different land elevations as well as how water interacts with lower lying regions. The best part is it’s also available to the public so if you’re near them try it out. See how large you can make your mountains!

This PlasticRoad concept is a modular design that has a longer lifespan than modern roads and can also drain water from the surface. The idea is that the roads can be fitted together like blocks, making it quick to repair and easier to build since instead of carefully assembling it on site you just remove the damaged site and lie down a new one. Some additional benefits are that new roads can be built swiftly and they are made from recycled components and can be recycled themselves.

Monkey Lights & Asgardia

Here is some stuff I found:

Monkey Lights

There is a company called Monkey Lights that has created bicycles which display brilliant light patterns in the wheels including memes too. Check out their Kickstarter video:


A nation in space has been proposed by Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian businessman and scientist. The hopeful future UN member Asgardia is envisioned as a series of satellites. According to their website they have over 400,000  applications, the majority from China with the US and Turkey the next largest. Envisioned as a nation of high science and the freedom of knowledge and information, it would be nice to see something come of this. I’ll give updates if there are any really cool developments.


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