Sustainability Compilation #4: Cleaning The Environment

Air Ink+VTTs

An Indian company called Graviky Labs has developed a technique that enables them to convert soot-based gases into a usable ink for pens, markers or spray paints. The main piece of their appeal was that this will decrease air pollution overall since it can be processed into a separate compound that has a demand for its use. Of course there is a practical issue with that message. Unless this is deployed to a large number of vehicles or refineries it will only be a small bump in a massive crowd. If it could somehow siphon it from the atmosphere it would be far more effective but this remains to be seen. So in the meantime enjoy some pollution provided artwork!

Air Ink

The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has invented a biologically-derived cellulose (called HefCel) substance to create food pouches that can be biodegradable. The cellulose is specifically nanocellulose which they have demonstrated they can produce at a lower and more affordable cost. It also stands up to tests against its durability. As the market for stand up pouches grows so too will the need for the production of their plastics and that means more unsustainable plastic and more coal and gas to help make it.


Kentucky Coal Museum

In an ironic twist the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum Powered is going to be powered by solar energy, saving as much as $10,000 after the initial investment over several years. 

Coal to Solar

DP Sand Bottle

DB Export is a brewery based in New Zealand which has a unique machine especially suited to one of their needs. Recycling bottles is fun and all but they’ve come up with a new method of recycling. The DB Export Beer Bottle Sand is a machine that will turn a bottle into sand in 5 seconds at 200 g of sand. The main motivation is driven by the need of construction companies to use sand in numerous projects. The downside is that they are getting this sand from the coastline, affecting local environments. Instead, they can use this artificial sand and leave the beaches alone. As the tagline at the end says, “….to help their beaches, New Zealanders can now drink a beer.”

Credit: DrinksFeed

DB Export

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