Automated Food – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Series

Automated #2: Self-Driving Delivery

  • Domino’s: a self-driving delivery car
  • FZI: an automated bratwurst flipper
  • Little Caesars & Sprinkle Cupcakes: food ATMs
  • A futuristic and automated food truck design
  • A study on the jobs which will be replaced by robots.

Automated Food #1: Automation Runs Wild!

  • Zume: automated pizza restaurant (close to a factory)
  • Plant Power Fast Food: fast food restaurant selling vegan fast food
  • Cafe X: cafe featuring an automatic coffee making machine
  • Eatsa: an automated quinoa bowl restaurant
  • Momentum Machines: a restaurant focusing on automating the creation of burgers
  • AMFare: a company which created an automated machine for making food at a typical fast food restaurant in the 60’s
  • Minimum Wage Leading to Automation Debunking
  • Flippy: a robot which can flip burgers by itself
  • Moley Robotics Kitchen: a pair of robotic hands that are capable of cooking by themselves




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