Mechanical Menagerie #5: Tools of the Trade


Credit: HoloLamp

The HoloLamp is a next gen technology that allows you to visualize images in 3-D right in front of you. The main uses they have prepared are gaming, virtual assistants and sports broadcasting. The uses for holograms are boundless. Get ready for opinion time. They will eventually replace our glass screens across phones, computers and television screens. What I am mainly hopeful for is the ability to move different screens around. You could put a show in the background while looking at something or working on something as well as displaying news feeds, weather forecasts, social media feeds or anything else you like. You could control the size of the screens but see them all at the same time. Just a dream, but  I am happy to show the beginning stages of it.



Credit: FlexDex Digital

A surgical tool with the rotation of a human’s hand capable of performing delicate cutting and stitching. It can greatly improve the application in surgery where you need a higher degree of precision.


Lifting Sink

The Lifting Sink is a new sink designed as a reimagined part of the kitchen. It is actually 3 sinks, with the ability to confine the sink to a smaller space, using up less water when there is less to wash.

Lifting Sink

Designers: Chengyong Li, Lei Yang, Sian Lin & Peishan He


Credit: NASA Johnson     

NASA has a robotic glove that can grip and lift things but are worn just as a glove is.



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