Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #2: Medical Technology


This invention may shock you, leave you dumbfounded or even cause you to doubt your sanity. But, you can now look at your veins while they’re still in your skin!!!!!! The device VeinViewer is capable of showing an image of the veins in your body as a holographic representation over the portion of skin they’re covered by. The first video states that the intended purpose is to show the veins in a patients skin to precisely target them with needles. The second states that the technique uses infrared light and it works because the hemoglobin in the blood will absorb light while surrounding tissues reflect it, showing everything in a green hue except for the blood vessels which appear dark.

You can find the different models here: VeinViewer

Skin Cell Gun

The video below demonstrates the skin cell gun which actually allows you to spray a new coat of skin onto your body. The technique involves taking adult stem cells from the patient, then spraying them onto the wound where they differentiate into skin cells. Since it is quite fast the risk of infection plummets, its quick, doesn’t leave scarring and doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately this only works with second-degree wounds so far, it has to be applied immediately after the burn and still remains an experimental procedure. RenovaCare, Inc. currently owns the technology.

Credit: Newsweek International 


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