Real Life Robots – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Series

These are supposed to be only Real Life Robots articles but for the sake of ease these robot related articles will go here.

Real Life Robots #3: Prosthesis

  • Furrion Exo-Bionics: developed the Prosthesis mech for competitive racing

Real Life Robots #2: A New Chinese Contender, FutureWise

  • FutureWise: invented the giant robot xx21


  • A mechanized robot piloted by a human

Real Life Robots #1: More Than Meets The Eye – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Issue

  • Letrons: manufacturing cars that can transform into large humanoid robots 
  • Russian Military: created a robot that can use guns
  • Great Metal: manufactured a large robot to duel other large robots
  • MegaBots: manufactured a large robot to duel other large robots
  • GJS: created small robots to duel each other using phones as controllers
  • Titan the Robot: a robot designed to entertain at parties and events











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