Mechanical Menagerie #6: The Future of Transportation #2


Credit: ruppert composite

This glider is fairly old by now but if you haven’t seen it then you may have to look more carefully. The Archaeopteryx is a lightweight glider which really does resemble an actual airplane. The example they give in the video is a running start so be somewhere high to use it. All you need to do is get your momentum going and then lift your feet and steer. The ultra-lightweight materials allow for a smooth sail on wind currents and even easy construction. The glider has air brakes for slowing down, parachutes for emergencies and now they have electric motors for starting off however you want. 




Tvillingar is a very different concept for metro trains (or trams) then we are used to. Instead of a track, the train moves through the use of super magnets. Hooked towers (you just have to see them) contain the technology and the train travels with space hollowed out into its side for the hook to fit into. It won’t connect, the hook merely moves very close to the train. The towers also have wind turbines on top of them (as well as the bottom) to benefit from the wind generated by the train moving as well as piezoelectricity floor panels to generate electricity from the passengers. To understand this technology better check out XXXXXXX. The train consists of two boarding levels: the upper deck is designated for average passengers and the lower deck is made for passengers with pedestrian conveyance (and yes I had to look that up) including bicycles, skateboards or roller blades. It looks like an amazing idea to integrate multiple ideas into one system. If you would like to see this in your city I’d suggest sharing the concept.


Designer: Prathyush Devadasi


Neoplan Omni 2.0 double-decker

This is a design for a double-decker bus but instead of just paying to get on the upstairs is an economy section and the bottom is first class. An interesting aspect of the design is that the driver is on the top, not the bottom of the bus.

Neoplan Omni 2.0 double-decker

Designers: Philipp Fromme, Jenny Gebler & Marian Massegg


Volvo Autonomous Trailer AT404

This design is for an auto driving truck equipped with detachable cargo boxes which can be delivered to companies and rearranged as much as you like. It would be interesting for companies to have their own crates to be delivered which could ensure more security if they have the passcodes to their own boxes.


Designer: David Hwang


Volvo Autonomous Carrier

Here is another autonomous truck design, this time from Volvo. It reminds me more of larger buses.

Volvo (again)

Designer: Kaan Karagöz





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