Art #2: Insects, Sushi & Spongebob

A New Arthropod

Get ready; you’re going to see some bugs. Good news, they’re not real. Kate Kato is an artist who uses recycled paper, wire and thread to bring to the world a variety of colorful insects. She even embroiders them to etch unique patterns across their wings, carapace or whatever else bugs have. Her collection includes butterflies, beetles, crickets, dragonflies, bees (with their honeycombs) and is complimented by numerous flowers and mushrooms she makes as well.

Paper Insects

For more info go to her website:

Gum Wrapper Bowl

Credit: lyndonbarrois 

Lyndon Barrois now works on animation professionally but once upon a time he made art from gum wrappers. He had turned his gum wrappers into a diorama of a football stadium along with players and then later learned how to film them in stop-motion, creating the video you see above. Remember that the next time you throw those wrappers away. You’re throwing away art!

Gum Wrapper Football

Sushi Art

In Chicago, the Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill has a different take on sushi which you’ll likely be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Led by Chef Toby, the kitchen creates designs with sauces in a variety of colors and patterns. Some examples you’ll see are dragons, peacocks, octopi, fish and another abstract design. It’s quite an enjoyable way to eat, especially when the food is art. Here is a list of their ingredients from the article:

  • regular mayo
  • wasabi mayo
  • spicy smoked mayo
  • unagi sauce
  • jalapeño mayo
  • sweet sesame soy sauce

Sushi Art

Here’s the restaurant:

Spongebob: Anime Premiere

Credit: Narmak

This is his first video which is just the trailer and is lengthened in the above video.

Credit: Narmak

Here is Narmak’s channel:

To wrap up the article enjoy an anime version of Spongebob. Created by a Youtuber called Narmak, it is styled as an opening to an anime series but based on what I see it seems to be filled with spoilers. It was likely an attempt to showcase both the opening and parts of the series. As of writing the video has accrued 5.5 million views.  Personally, I think he did a great job but what are your thoughts? Does this give you cause to request an updated version of Spongebob in full anime style? Enjoy.

I’ll also go a step further than most news publications. I am committed to supporting independent creators on Patreon and while I can’t afford to help out everyone I can put their Patreon accounts up for everyone to help them out. Go to his account and help him out or subscribe and share his videos.

If you want to see how popular this is just follow this link:

Here is a react video which itself has 2.36 million views (at the time of writing):

Credit: FBE


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