A Fourth Chocolate Exists

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For a long time milk chocolate was the main type of chocolate we ate. A little later came white chocolate and dark chocolate which were both quite distinct but retained the same creamy taste we had come to expect. Now, there is ruby chocolate. It is pink in color and you might think it was a new strawberry creation but you’d be wrong.

It is made from the Ruby cocoa bean which is naturally pink and requires no additives. It is reported to have a smooth, berry taste but remember, nothing was added. This would lead me to believe that it doesn’t have a very strong chocolate taste which seems to be corroborated in this article.  

Here is an article discussing a possible creation method (since Barry kept it a secret) as well as criticisms:


Barry Callebaut, a very large, Swiss chocolate company, was behind the invention and worked on it for 13 years. They released it at a launch event in Shanghai on September 5 earlier in the month.

The exact creation process is still a mystery and you’ll have to wait to know whether it is healthy or not. Dark chocolate has long been championed as healthy in smaller doses and it would be good news if this could be added as well. I’m ready for blue, green and orange colored chocolate next!

You’ll have to wait somewhere around 6-18 months for the chocolate but I’m willing to bet the wait will only make it taste that much sweeter. I’ll definitely pick some up and show it off but perhaps everyone will have it by then. I certainly hope so. Stay hungry.

New Chocolate

Here is a company press release:


Here are some more videos:

Credit: IBTimes UK

Credit: Business Insider UK


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