Animals #4: The Sugar Reward & 1 White Owl


I hope these videos give you a more positive view of bats but, as instructed, don’t handle bats unless you know what you’re doing.

Asha, a baby black flying fox (a type of bat), is being fed fruit and is very excited.

Credit: Megabattie

Jeddah, a grey-headed flying-fox (another bat), likes to be petted.

Credit: Megabattie


Check out this baby albino owl

Credit: Life on Earth



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Bumblebees learn to pull string

Credit: SciNews

In the experiment researchers trained bumblebees to pull strings with s small ring attached to them for rewards and found that other bees would copy them. This suggests that bees are capable of learning tasks from other bees, allowing skills to transfer in populations. This study shows how bees are far smarter than what you may assume and are perhaps capable of more than you might think.

Bees learn to push and slide caps

Credit: H Mirwan

Sugar, specifically sucrose, is a great motivator for bees. Give a bee any amount and you can entice them into any puzzle. This time, bees had to push a cap to the left, right or upwards in order to access the sucrose. They succeeded in each task. Other tasks were pushing up an inverted cap, pushing a split cap to the left or right. Nothing stopped them and once again, it shows that we still don’t understand bees as much as we think we do.


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