This is a catalog of all the companies involved in the automation. They vary in their methods of ordering, preparing and delivering food. Here you will discover how the way we eat food is changing and evolving faster than you can even imagine. Each company will get a letter assigned to them based on their automation of a specific aspect of their company which are divided into the following: •Ordering •Production •Delivery. If they have been automated the first letter of the process will be inserted next to their name (ex: Company OPD -txtxtx) however if the entire process has been automated I’ll insert the phrase AUTO (ex: Company AUTO -txtxtx). Partial automation is insufficient however human assistance in automation (ex: a person helping you use a kiosk with no cashiers) still counts as automation.

I have an article going in detail about some of automation’s history, the reasons it is occurring and where it is going in the future. Automating Humanity

Who is Automated?

AMFare P – created an Automatic Hamburger Machine in the 60’s to test automating the kitchen

My Article

CafeX AUTO – have an automated machine to deliver fresh coffee

Website My Article

Domino’s OD – created an automated delivery car

My Article

Eatsa O – created a restaurant using kiosks and cubbies which announce your order and open when it is ready

Website My Article

Flippy P – an automatic burger flipping machine

Website My Article

FVI AUTO – made an automated bratwurst cooker and server

Website My Article

Little Caesars O – created an automated ordering system through an application

My Article

McDonald’s – a massive fast food chain which has been experimenting with kiosks

Feces on Kiosks New Kiosks in Erie, PA

Moley Robotics Kitchen AUTO – an automated home kitchen

Website My Article

Sprinkle Cupckaes OD – invented an ATM for their cupcakes

Website My Article

Zume O – created a factory setup for delivering human/machine produced pizzas.

Website Original

Minimum Wage NOT Causing Automation My Article

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