The Real Life Robots

I will be keeping a running list here of all the robots that I’ve cataloged for easy access if you’d like to see how many there are. The main difference between robotic technologies, which I have separated, is that I’m looking for fully functioning, autonomous machines capable of interacting with the world. That is the loose criteria I have for separating them from automation technologies.  

  1. MegaBots: created a mech (large robot similar to a human in appearance) the size of a house for competition Link
  2. Kuratas: created a mech which is used for recreation as well as competition Link
  3. Great Metal: created a mech for competition Link
  4. METHOD-1: a mechanical suit, smaller than a mech, designed to test basic motor skills in a larger robot Link
  5. Letrons: Transformer car Link
  6. Ganker Robot: small tabletop robots used for competition Link
  7. Titan the Robot: a human sized robot used for entertainment Link







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