Animals #5: The Crab That Wasn’t, Bee Beard


Credit: Brave Wilderness

There is a popular show on YouTube called Brave Wilderness I’ll start featuring here because I find it interesting. In this episode a large number of lobsters were washed into a tide pool on a beach in California. The crabs are called Pelagic red crabs after the area of the Pacific that they live in, the Pelagic zone (which is essentially just underwater). They resemble lobsters or shrimps and aren’t really crabs but just small lobsters. Some of their natural predators are whales and birds.

Cockatoos & Crocodiles

Credit: Team Coco          

A black palm cockatoo was featured on the late night show Conan. On the show they demonstrate how the cockatoo can crack nuts with its beak and then uses its tongue to scoop out the food. The other animal featured was a Nile crocodile which stared at Conan for its appearance.


The Bee Beard

Credit: Good Mythical Morning

A YouTube morning talk show, the Good Mythical Morning, had an episode where they went to a bee farm and tried on a bee beard. I recommend you watch it since you will learn a little bit about beekeeping but trying on the beard is up to you.  

Bee vs. Spider

Credit: Zaur Man

In this video of insect warfare we see a giant fishing spider face off against a wooden bee hive filled with tiny warriors. At first the bees do not perceive the spider as a threat, exactly what it wants. The spider makes a fast get away which causes the bees to attack but it is called off early. The spider returns but then tries to run away, only to get swarmed by them completely. The spider is paralyzed by the venom the bees have and can no longer resist them. The moral of the story is just get your honey at the store and leave the bees alone!


On another episode of Brave Wilderness Coyote Peterson spends his time feeding a baby toucan fresh fruit. It also makes a noise when it is eating. Specifically it’s a keel-billed toucan. The toucan fell from its nest and was brought to the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary where it will stay for the rest of its life.

Credit: Brave Wilderness

I highly recommend the YouTube channel Brave Wilderness for learning about and discovering new animals and also check out Coyote Peterson’s new book Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World. It’s currently ranked pretty high on Amazon so it should be a good read, especially if you have a kid interested in animals and who wants to learn more about them.

Sneak Peak, but a warning, there are some spoilers 

Credit: Brave Wilderness


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