Mechanical Menagerie #8: Drones Everywhere

A Bladeless Drone

Credit: reddotsg

Do you remember the bladeless fans from Dyson? This drone works on the same concept. By eliminating the moving parts it only needs to be shaped and equipped. It has three rotors along the drone with a large one in the center and exhausts along the sides. By using none of the rotors that typical drones have they can still maneuver perfectly well. The design was created by Edgar Herrera who has been getting plenty of praise for changing how drones are normally supposed to look and work.

This is the personal site of Edgar Herrera:

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The Drone with Arms

Credit: Prodrone Co., Ltd. 株式会社プロドローン

The company Prodrone Co., Ltd. Has developed a drone which would be unremarkable save for the interesting twist: it has arms. Yes I know they’ll try and take over the world but before that interesting scenario happens you should learn some facts about them. The Prodrone is basically a modified version of their earlier model that had a 20 kg payload but has arms which it can use to transport materials. Unfortunately the weight is more of a problem with the extra arms and the carrying weight is reduced to 10 kg. It has six rotors for flight which it can perform for 30 minutes. Make sure to find something you want picked up by a drone just so you can get one of these.


Credit: MyZiphius

So I know what you’re thinking. These drones are cute but where’s the innovation? Where’s the pizzazz? Your wishes have been granted so here’s a drone that swims. The Ziphius is an underwater drone propelled by two small motors capable of taking photos and videos on the waves and controlled from a tablet or smartphone. After their successful Kickstarter campaign the company behind the drone, Azorean, has continued development on Ziphius although they appear to be behind development and will likely take more time to develop.


Credit: Tech Insider

As if you didn’t already have to worry about people spying on you with drones, drones with arms or underwater drones, there is now a bird drone. I don’t mean, “We put some cute wings and a beak on a drone.“ I mean a drone that looks like a bird. You wouldn’t even notice the body or head and the wings move in a wave like manner. If you see it from a distance you’d likely mistake it for an actual bird. Its name is Bionic Bird and it is quite an interesting invention. It is very lightweight (0.02 lbs) and can fly up to 12 mph and fly for 10 minutes. It can be quickly recharged and controlled by smartphone. It is a bit expensive at 99 euros but if you want your very own spy bird, start saving up.


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