I found this article on the recent robot duel which had information that I hadn’t heard of before regarding the future of the robot fighting league MegaBots imagines. A modification they want to make to the robots is to standardize the cockpits and make them safer while another is to create modular parts which would increase repair times. Another point they brought up was that they have been in touch with about 24 teams around the world which made me extremely excited. If they could be pushed ahead with financial and technological help then we could see the league come together within a few years as opposed to decades. They also brought up being the R&D center of the league so that they can speed up the research side and get more teams faster than if they were to independently create robots on their own. Another issue was that they want the robots to move faster and be able to punch without it looking very slow as it does now. The last point brought up was the formation of the league and creating classes for arena matches but that is most definitely in the future. These changes would certainly help push the idea forward but we’ll wait and see until it actually happens.

MegaBots Drill

Credit: MegaBots Inc

MegaBots will be starting MegaBots LIVE on November 5 as a monthly series where they will showcase different weapons as well as remote-controlled fights where they can deploy more destructive weapons. The main feature of the video was a large drill they were testing, inspired by the manga Gurren Lagann. To skip to the good part, at 21:30 they kill a washing machine with the drill, effortlessly spinning it and at 24:10 the drill starts up again, spinning the washing machine apart. The rest of the video is spent talking about technical details as well as showing the viewer around the facility. I’ll be looking forward to the first automated battle as well as talk about it here.

Robot Rules

Credit: MegaBots Inc

The newest video so far dealt with a discussion on the rules for fighting. Anyone who watched the very first robot duel remembers the single punch KO to Iron Glory. This, along with other issues, caused the MegaBots team to meet up and figure out what the rules should be. What they came up with was 3 rounds, two minutes apiece, as well as pre-set heights with the following rules:

  • Round 1: knock overs disqualify you and there are no hits below the belt
  • Round 2: the rules from round 2 are lifted
  • Round 3: an anything goes match (intended to maximize the destruction)

They also discussed the role of a referee on the sidelines that can hold emergency stop buttons in case something goes wrong. This discussion also included the role of the referee as an entertainer or simply a safety officer.


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